The Human Contortion is:


Sergio Gutierrez – Vocals

Jesse Keiper – Guitars

Carlos Salguero – Bass

Roberto “Tito” Sanchez – Drums

Representing Northern California (Hayward), The Human Contortion (THC) formed as a five-piece Deathcore band, initially comprised of close friends who all went to Tennyson High School. Formed in 2010, founding members Sergio Gutierrez (vocals), Ivan Vasquez (guitar) and Carlos Salguero (bass) quickly solidified the lineup with Roberto “Tito” Sanchez (drums) and Monty Sandhu (guitar).

In 2011, the band went right to work, performing, building a fan base and writing their five song EP, “Cannibals,” which hit hard, bringing THC to the forefront of the NorCal scene.

Because of the band’s quick growing success, The Human Contortion earned the opportunity to perform with Fallujah, Volumes, Suffokate, Leaders, Dennis is Dead, and many others.

Due to creative differences, Sandhu stepped down as guitarist for THC in late 2012. The remaining band members decided to approach Jesse Keiper – who was already working with the band to record their demo “Ancients” – to join THC as their new guitarist.

Keiper agreed and the new THC lineup was born. In early 2014, Vasquez left the band for personal reasons. THC is now a four-piece lineup and is currently playing shows while working on new material for an upcoming release.

The Human Contortion commands the stage and its audience by performing at an extremely high level, with unrelenting energy and brutal breakdowns which WILL make you move – guaranteed. The scene is alive and thriving in Nor Cal…undoubtedly due to artists like THC.

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